Pan American Systems Corp.
PO Box 62269
Virginia Beach, VA 23466-2269
Tel: 1-800-262-2296 or 757-468-1926 

Company Profile

Pan American Systems Corporation with over 25 years in the Instrumentation business has a broad base of experience in the engineering, design, prototyping and manufacturing of electronic and electro-mechanical systems and devices. These products include among others engine room monitoring and alarm systems, automatic engine room controls, liquid level systems, engine throttle controls, engine order telegraph, navigation alarm panels, generator automatic transfer control, fuel oil gauging and control systems, various sensors for levels, temperatures, flows, pressures, switch types as well as transducers, optical isolators, data logging systems and too many other products and components to enumerate.


PASC products have been proven in the field with millions of unit-hours of long reliable service in one of the toughest environments. From this base PASC brings into each project a wealth of "know how", coupled with the ability to approach each project in an original manner.


PASC uses the latest technology available in the design and manufacturing of its systems and products. They include among others AutoCAD® drawings, computerized printed circuit board design, in house programming capabilities, quality control and procedures to maintain product quality at all stages of manufacturing.


PASC staff, in addition to an extensive engineering and technical background have many of the qualities normally found only in exceptional organizations and a commitment to excellence second to none. Our highly skilled staff produce consistent quality and prompt service to our large base of worldwide customers.


Contact Information

(757)468-1926 or 1-800-262-2296
Postal address
PO Box 62269
Virginia Beach, VA 23466-2269
          Shipping Address
1364 London Bridge Rd. #106
          Virginia Beach, VA 23456-0311 

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